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The Hansen family has been members of the Eureka Community since the 1800’s. After World War I the Hansen/Sharpe partnership was formed in Burkes Grocery at 1903 Myrtle Avenue (picture at right). In the early 1930’s the Hansen family bought out Sharpe and the business then became the Harry O. Hansen Grocery. Harry ran the grocery store until his retirement in 1966 at which time he closed the store. He continued the rent the beautiful building to other businesses until it was torn down by the city to make room for the now existing intersection at Myrtle and West Avenues.

Harry Hansen and a group of locals formed North Coast Mercantile Co., Inc. The company was located at the foot of “D” Street in Eureka and existed as a wholesale grocery house and Campton Electric Supply. Later they acquired Hamm’s Beer and Gallo Wine, which started the beverage division of the company.

Sid Hansen, Harry’s son, received his degree in Accounting from Humboldt State University, and started work at North Coast Mercantile in 1951. Later North Coast Mercantile and Campton Electric Supply separated and became two independent businesses. North Coast Mercantile Company became the beverage division and it was at this time Sid became the President/General Manager.

The growth of business has been steady and sometimes very exciting. During the 1964 flood, shipping product into Eureka was a real challenge. With roads and bridges washed out alternative methods of transportation had to be found. The commercial fishing vessels and cargo planes were very instrumental at delivering product to Humboldt County for distribution. Anheuser-Busch has also been a vital partner of North Coast Mercantile Co. and the North Coast community by supplying bottle water to communities during times of disaster.

North Coast Mercantile Co. is now in it’s third generation with Rob Hansen, Sid’s son, running the corporation. The Hansen family plans to continue to serve Humboldt and Del Norte counties for years to come.

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